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Are you looking for information on how to floss correctly and the benefits of flossing? If so, we have exciting news for you! Many people have heard it’s important to floss. However, many people struggle to keep the habit or understand why flossing is needed.

Luckily, our dentists at DentaQuest Oral Health Center in Westborough, Massachusetts, understand the need of dental floss to help our oral health and is happy to help you know as well.

Here are some ins and outs all about flossing:

  • Are you flossing 2-3 minutes every day? You should be because that’s all the time you’ll need to clean between every one of your teeth. Don’t forget your teeth in the back of your mouth!
  • Did you know that your dentist can help you decide which interdental cleaning tools are best to use for cleaning between your teeth? It’s true, so speak with your dentist for help determining which products you want.
  • Don’t spread germs around your mouth by using the same piece of floss again and again. Always use a new strand each day.
  • To floss correctly, use a reliable product every day to reach areas in your mouth that brushing will not be able to.
  • Never push too hard when flossing between your gums. If your gums routinely bleed, visit your dentist to determine if an underlying condition is present.

Are you looking to get your teeth cleaned professionally? Do you have questions about your oral health you need answered? If so, then we can help you. Please call us at 508-329-2250, so we can make an appointment for you. Our dental team is happy to help your smile stay healthy and clean.