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If you are looking for a custom option to replace a missing tooth, our dentists may recommend a dental implant to help you comfortably and safely regain the full function of your smile after you have lost a tooth. Dental implants can recreate the feel and look of a real tooth for a natural effect. We are happy to provide further information on dental implants and their ability to restore a smile affected by tooth loss.

Dental implants are created typically with materials, such as porcelain and titanium so that they can be both durable and compatible with your smile. Dental implants differ from dentures and dental bridges in that they are attached to the jawbone. First, our experienced dentists place the titanium post in the bone of your jaw to fill the gap of the missing tooth and then tops it with an artificial tooth to help it look natural. In the end, you should be able to speak and eat naturally with your new implant.

Depending on where an implant is placed to treat a missing tooth, it can enjoy a success rate as high as 95%. Dental implants require proper care and excellent oral health in order to last a lifetime, and they offer a natural appearance to boost self-esteem and provide you with effective tooth replacement.

For further information about receiving dental implants in Westborough, Massachusetts, call DentaQuest Oral Health Center at 508-329-2250 and arrange a time to meet with one of our dental specialitsts!