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Westborough, MA Dentist - DentaQuest Oral Health Center
Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to the DentaQuest Oral Health Center, recipient of the American Dental Association Adult Prevention Practice of the Year Award!

At our family-oriented Westborough, MA modern dental practice, we offer a wide variety of dental services, ranging from general and pediatric dentistry (including endodontics and preventive oral health care) to cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and orthodontics. All of our staff members are trained preventists, which means that every time you visit our office, you will be getting only the highest-quality preventive dental care to help you keep your teeth for life. Our friendly team will also teach you valuable preventive techniques that will help you avoid dental diseases.

Not only do we help our patients achieve healthy teeth and gums, we also participate in nationally-funded research projects that are focused on identifying new methods and techniques for treating dental diseases. Our participation in these projects helps us (and other dental offices) improve the way we treat our patients. The DentaQuest Oral Health Center is also focused on continuously improving our service, which means conversing with our patients about dental disease and offering patient education about preventive techniques and disease management.

The DentaQuest Oral Health Center is a unique dental practice because:

  • We offer evidence-based preventive care. This means that we don’t just repair damage caused by dental disease, we actually treat and try to prevent dental disease itself. Together, patient and dentist will discover the most effective ways for each individual patient to stop the disease process and the cavities caused by that process.
  • We take a risk-based approach. In order to prevent unnecessary dental problems, each patient completes a risk assessment. This assessment helps us determine what dental diseases you may be at risk for. By identifying these risk factors and guarding against them, we provide each patient with proactive, preventive care.
  • We focus on minimally-invasive dental treatments. We aim to prevent and repair the damage caused by dental disease before we simply “fill the cavity”. We do this by identifying risk factors, remineralizing (halting and reversing) early tooth decay, and restore your teeth to a healthy state.
  • We provide the right treatment at the right time with the right outcome for each individual patient.
  • We work as a team—and you are always a part of that team. Together, we will work to bring you to a healthy oral state and our staff will teach you how to stay there.

The DentaQuest Oral Health Center is proud to serve patients in Westborough, MA and the surrounding areas, including Marlborough, Northborough, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Framingham, and the Metro West and Central West areas. If you and your family are looking for quality dental care that focuses on preventing dental problems rather than simply treating them, we invite you to contact our office to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to helping you learn about and maintain good oral health!